Letter: North Bay Batman saved my life

Addressed to: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

To: The Editor

The North Bay Bay

Dear Senor or Senorita,

On August 22, 2019 your newspaper published an article about vigilante justice in our totally fine, properly managed city. Though the focus was in regards to the boom in costume sales, I wanted to give some insight as one whose life was changed through an act of vigilante justice. An act which is now a common and necessary part of the North Bay way of life.

Yesterday, at the very second I had finished reading your article – whilst I was using a borrowed phone that conveniently came with prepaid data – I was punched right in the face-hole. You see, up until recently I lived what one would dub a “life of crime.” I was one of the many people partaking in consistent drug use and other illicit activities (including, but not limited to; theft, grand theft auto, grand theft arson, and burgle-arson-larsony). However, that all changed after my face-hole was blessed by the graceful fists of justice.

After two of my teeth were knocked out by one of the anonymous vigilantes (whom I intend to keep anonymous), I used my last moments of consciousness to look at my saviour. Indeed, just before I blacked out due to severe head trauma, I looked up from my position on the ground on Main Street to see the face of Richard Graydon. Graydon – who once again I will keep anonymous – and I were friends in high school. I can’t really explain it, but seeing Graydon take a stance in life that was basically the polar opposite of mine made me realize something.

I realized, in my concussed haze, that I did not need to continue living life the way I was. Seeing the anonymous Graydon making whooshing sounds and running around punching more addicts in the face showed me that violence is not the only thing in life. I have come to understand that one does not have to be a doped up loser to be happy – the joyful expression on the vigilante Graydon’s semi-masked face convinced me.

Since yesterday, I have begun time in rehab, and am on my way to finding a job. This time a legal job that benefits both myself and those around me. My intention is to get this job, wherever it may be, and slowly repay all those I have wronged; My Name is Earl style!

And I’m not the only one! The majority of those around me who were knocked unconscious by the masked, anonymous vigilante Dick Graydon (who lives on O’Brien here in North Bay) are going through rehab with me, and are taking a similar path.

So in short, thank you North Bay Bay for giving talking on our local vigilantes, our booming costume economy, and Shad Man. Perhaps I will try to look into getting a job at one of these so called “party stores” and commission a new outfit for Shad Man!


Craig Penderson

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