House Listing: Rustic, affordable North Bay dwelling

This beautiful rustic home in North Bay is only minutes from the downtown. Spacious at nearly 120 ft², this “fixer upper” features a single window looking out into the forest and a door.

There is no basement, but a compartment under the floor works great as a small cold storage or a secret place to hide your treasures.



The interior is made entirely of well weathered and naturally beautiful maple, ash, and spruce. A lightly used metal roof was added sometime in 2018 and the home comes fully furnished with a stove, bed, desk, chair, lantern, multiple animal skulls, two metal hooks, and several unique paintings and prints. It is ready and waiting for you and your family!


The unique design allows for lots of natural light, and a west facing window provides a great view of North Bay’s natural beauty. The home is heated with a wood stove (installed in 2016) and includes a propane backup.



Don’t miss out on owning this economical home that has something for everyone.  Move right in and start enjoying!

Key Facts

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Listed Price: $327, 590

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